I come here a lot and the food ...
I come here a lot and the food is always good. Although the staff today was odd. The server girl upstairs was rude very un professional.
Karen M. via - Jul 15, 2018
I'm sure Mexican food is good. Anything else prepackaged and meh ... read more
Jay Beeen via - Jul 13, 2018
Good food ... read more
ENOCH GALLEGOS via - Jul 12, 2018
Delicious & Great Atmosphere....
Monica Munoz via - Jul 9, 2018
Really good Mexican food with some amazing drink specials for each day of the week!
Caleb Hunter via - Jul 6, 2018
Its decent, but pricey...
Tess Fagan via - Jul 4, 2018
I've only got my food to go from here. never dined in. food was great, they pack it in ample containers with plenty of extra napkins and supplies. friendly staff.
wowfjd via - Jul 4, 2018
Very clean and a good atmosphere.
Billy Brinlee via - Jul 3, 2018
Awesome food and service.
Rachel Bueno via - Jun 30, 2018
All good ... read more
Melvin Toliver via - Jun 29, 2018
If your in the mood for good Mexican food I would suggest LaBodego, I think they have the best Supreme Nachos ever.
Brenda Lee via - Jun 26, 2018
It has a beautiful atmosphere. Unfortunately the hot sauce taste like straight up tomatoes, my sisters plate was cold, and the food tasted a little old. The staff was friendly and appropriately attentive though and they have beautiful plate presentation.
Chelsea Rios via - Jun 22, 2018
Good food and good service!
Keith via - Jun 19, 2018
Excellent service even though on Father's day very little wait. The rice was not dry or brittle. Enjoyed the way they served beans in a shell bowl. The food was not over spicy, great tasting. The dinner was plentiful. Had a snack for later. I have been in Odessa for almost a year now. I have a new favorite Mexican food place n ... read more
Reaves Brooks via - Jun 17, 2018
I enjoyed my dining experience. The food was delicious, the wait staff was super friendly, and the ambiance was excellent.
Maureen Ucles via - Jun 17, 2018
Great service. Food came out quick. Everything was hot. Recommended ... read more
Jesse Rubalcaba via - Jun 16, 2018
Good sevice good food great atmosphere family friendly
Good sevice good food great atmosphere family friendly ... read more
Pat Hage via - Jun 10, 2018
Great food ... read more
Chase Fisher via - Jun 10, 2018
Always love to come sit at the small bar upstairs and enjoy some great food and beer!
Ryan Smith via - Jun 8, 2018
Good service ... read more
Armando Rodriguez via - Jun 8, 2018
Good burger with chili verde. Great salsa even better drinks ... read more
Patty Marquez via - Jun 4, 2018
Mmmmm ... read more
Rebekah via - Jun 4, 2018
It’s “white people” food. Green enchiladas were okay, but tamales tasted awful! Tres lechè cake was not good tasted like alcohol?! Beans were okay. Waitress didn’t write down our order, then came back and had forgot. The place inside is nice. Waitress need to smile and be more friendly? I ate because I was starving ! Will I be back? ... read more
D Gonzales via - Jun 2, 2018
Food isn't very tasteful! The rice ...
Food isn't very tasteful! The rice wasnt fully cooked and the dessert had too much extract!
R T. via - Jun 1, 2018
Its been my favorite place for nachos !!!!!!! It's getting better it was bad for a while (service)
Its been my favorite place for nachos !!!!!!! It's getting better it was bad for a while (service) the people didn't care the service sucked!!!!!!!!! I worked there when I was a teenager and I can tell you it was never that bad !!!!!!!! But it has gotten better................. I was there yesterday and the service was great...... t ... read more
Enrique Quintela Part Dos via - May 25, 2018
The food was very good the tea didn't taste good and it took a long time to get the food but it was amazing.
Faye Armstrong via - May 25, 2018
Great food great fun ... read more
Dawn Ingram via - May 23, 2018
Wonderful enchiladas and stuffed ...
Wonderful enchiladas and stuffed jalapeños. We arrived early before the dinner rush and were seated quickly and the service was excellent.
Kim K. via - May 22, 2018
Good food ... read more
Socorro Sagaribay via - May 9, 2018
Great food ... read more
Elizabeth Paredes via - May 8, 2018
Great Mexican food decent service ... read more
Tad Lutz via - May 6, 2018
Food is always good here... excellent Tex-Mex flavor.
Ben Hernandez via - May 3, 2018
Lupe is the Bomb! Food was awesome! Great customer service,
Lupe is the Bomb! Food was awesome! Great customer service, ... read more
Whitney Onstot Garza via - May 2, 2018
My wife and I love there food and 👍 service ... read more
Daniel Mendez via - Apr 29, 2018
Great food! Great service!
Irma Salinas via - Apr 26, 2018
Super nachos very good.
Emma Coldiron via - Apr 24, 2018
Love their nachos!
James Sanders via - Apr 22, 2018
Service is slow but food is good ... read more
abel munoz via - Apr 20, 2018
Been going there for years and have never had bad food.
Steve Porter via - Apr 18, 2018
Good Mexican food.
Michael Larizza via - Apr 17, 2018
Food was good. The Margaritas didn't taste all that great. Order yourself a beer ... read more
Azul Serrano Purcell via - Apr 14, 2018
Decent service and food ... read more
Bailey galindo via - Apr 11, 2018
I have been going to this restaurant since I was about 6 or 7 years old with my sister we could order a Rudah and split it for 5 dollars. I grew up in a Mexican world and I have never seen a Rudah anywhere else. I don't think I have ever ordered anything else there. However they did change the recipe a little in the past 2.5 years an ... read more
Douglas Boring via - Apr 8, 2018
Quick service and excellent tasting food. Will come back!
Tony Haro via - Apr 7, 2018
Love the service and the food.. we’ve been twice so far and LOVE it so much, we are from Houston an
Love the service and the food.. we’ve been twice so far and LOVE it so much, we are from Houston and live in Monahans so it’s definitely a great treat coming here and reminds us of our favorite restaurant back home!! ��thanks y’all!
Jessica Myers via - Apr 7, 2018
Great Food. Great service ... read more
Lupe Ramos via - Apr 3, 2018
large serving, nice mexican food, ambience is great, good for large group of people ... read more
Lilienthal bhomz via - Apr 2, 2018
Lunch with the partner in crime!
Keverly Dunlap via - Mar 27, 2018
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